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Feb 5 – 11, 2023

2022: 40th anniversary of Laudate Dominum

Music is a pure gift and a gift from God; it drives out the devil, makes people happy, and they forget about them all the vices.

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546), german theologian and reformer

WHO WE AREWhat does Laudate Dominum stand for?

top speakers;
high level;
Training of main, secondary and honorary musicians in sacred music;
musical station
annual meeting;
to meet new people;

Laudate Dominum ist für mich

  • eine Kirchenmusikwoche mit hochkarätigen ReferentInnen,
  • eine Chorwoche mit sehr anspruchsvollem, immer unterschiedlichem Programm,
  • eine Woche mit sehr vielfältigen Angeboten (musikalisch und spirituell),
  • eine Woche mit hervorragender geistlichen Begleitung und
  • die Möglichkeit zum Erfahrungsaustausch, aber auch zum Chillen und Relaxen

… und das alles in einem freundlichen, gut organisiertem Haus, mit engagierten MitarbeiterInnen und vor allem auch mit ausgezeichnetem Essen.

Wien, ÖsterreichAgnes Frühwirt

I love coming to Laudate Dominum because it is a fantastic community of musicians. Nowhere else have I felt such a high level of professionalism coupled with kind and caring individuals. It is the reason I chose to follow a career in music. I love the program because it gives me an opportunity to perform major choral works that have such a wealth of spiritual significance. I’ve made lifelong friends and have grown immensely as a person and a musician because of Laudate Dominum.

Wilmington, North CarolinaNate Strock

I have attended Laudate Dominum for nine years.  I look forward to coming each year because I share the thrill of my students learning about making music. Also, I am fascinated by the dynamic interaction of the team of leaders, with the Morgenlob remarks by Josef Grünwidl having a direct impact on the music making that afternoon, and the music making of that afternoon having an impact on Joseph’s remarks the next morning. We learn from the conductors, the priest, the professional singers, and the professional keyboardists. And then we have friends from all over the world. A truly international experience. An added benefit is that regularly the students return to Wilmington not only a great deal better at making music, but also more confident.

Wilmington,North CarolinaProf. Joe Hickmanäsholm-1-160x160.jpg

Eine vielfältige und äußerst gut durchgeplante Woche, geprägt von einem reichen musikalischen Angebot, schönen Gottesdiensten und eine wohltuenden Atmosphäre.

Gällivare, Schwedisch LapplandAnders Näsholm

Being an active participant over the last 4 years at Laudate Dominum has pushed me farther than I could have ever hoped for as both a global citizen and musician I enjoy learning and making music with some of the most dedicated teachers, coaches, and professionals from around the world. I feel at home with this kind, generous, and caring group of people and am internally grateful for the role this conference has played in my love for my career in sacred music.

Wilmington, North Carolina, USAIsabella Stollenmaier

Laudate Dominum is one of the most successful international Church Music Conferences in Europe. Educating professional and semi-professional musicians in the broad field of sacred music (choir conductors, organists, singers, and cantors) is Its main goal. We would like to encourage interaction of musicians and how music plays a major role in the celebration of a well-prepared liturgy as we perform appropriately (much rather than “try out”) in daily services what we have studied in our sessions.

We would like to enable our participants to refuel their musical tanks at Laudate Dominum in order to conquer the annual treadmill of music making. To achieve this goal, we continue to be innovative with repertoire, but also with liturgical forms and lectures. Our conference must have had a far-reaching ripple effect as we have attracted participants from all over Austria, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Russian, Japan, and most prominently, the United States. And they will tell you that the feared language barrier will diminish by the day. After all, we all speak the universal language of music…



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