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Content of the week

Choir (Ortner / Habringer):

  • J. Haydn, Stabat Mater
  • W.A. Mozart, Missa brevis in D KV 194
  • A. Heiller, Dreifaltigskeitsproprium
  • J.G. Rheinberger, Missa in G

Chamberchior (Bo Aurehl): 

Choirmusic from Skandinavia und Hungary:

  • Jan Åke Hillerud,
  • Piae Cantiones Jan Håkan Åberg,
  • I himmelen Sven-Eric Johansson,
  • Psaltare och lyra; Som sådden förnimmer Guds välbehag Otto Olsson,
  • Säg mig den vägen Edvard Grieg,
  • Aus den 4 Salmer (frei nach norwegischen Choralmelodien)
  • Zoltán Kodály, Esti dal

Seminar “Kodály-Method” (Aurehl):

A playful, yet efficient method by Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) to develop better aural and choral skills in theory and practice (using solmisation). For singers and choir conductors.

Liturgy workshop (Grünwidl / Habringer / Peterl):

  • How to create bridges between word and music in mass and in the liturgy of hours.
  • What does liturgical dramaturgy mean to me as a musician?

Favoritchor (Habringer):

Sacred music through the ages

Workshop Organ Improvisation (Reisinger):

What can I do if I don’t have the faintest idea how to treat a melody in improvisation? Get to know and compare different text books in organ improvisation.

Choir Conducting – Beginners (Peterl):

Conducting skills, rehearsal layout, and reheasing methods for starting conductors

Choir Conducting – Interpretation (Ortner):

Repertory put together from participants’ proposals. No one has to conduct! Collaborative pianist: Rie Capek.

Individual Voice Lessons

G. Kenda, Th. Künne, U. Langmayr, M. Nowak, H. Sorokina

Individual Organ Lessons

J. Zimmerl & W. Reisinger

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